If You Want To Go To Lamu Kenya Stay at the Manda Bay Lodge

There is nothing better than discovering a new place to go on holiday. Manda Bay Lodge is such a place. One of the great joys of Manda Bay Lodge is that it is far away from the hustle and bustle, and quite awkard to get to, but boy is it worth it.

You will need to know what makes Manda Bay the incredible place it is.There are several reasons. The purpose of this article is to try to show you the reader what they are. Please understand that I don’t own Manda, nor do I have anything to do with it, it’s simply I am in love with the whole idea.

You’ll need to know as a priority where Manda Bay is situated. Well it’s off the coast of Kenya in the northwestern tip of an archipelago called Lamu. Getting to Manda is the next question we need to answer.

The simple answer is by aeroplane. International flights arrive either into Mombasa or Nairobi. From there it will be a small aircraft which will take you to Lamu, and then onwards by private speedboat.

From the moment you get on the boat you will realise you are going to be looked after very well indeed. In fact when you come to make a judgement about Manda Bay, you will remember the magnificent staff and the caring management. You will already have a pretty good impression of Manda, but you now need to know more about the standard of accommodation, the food which is vital, and things to see and do.

The accommodation would be a good starting point. There are 16 Bandas of which 11 are right on the beach. Without exception the bandas are all well furnished, spacious, with great bathrooms, and lovely large comfortable beds. All the bandas have large well furnished verandas, and the views from the beachfront ones are spectacular.

Next we will look at the quality of the food. The sheer quality of the food may come as a surprise considering how remote it is here. The food is consistent and delicious which for a set menu is unusual. Freshly caught fish is a feature of the menus at Manda. You should note that the Chefs will cook pretty well anything you want. Dinner can be taken almost anywhere you want, from in the bush, to the beach to dinner party style at the Lodge.

Different dinner locations are a speciality at Manda Bay, and you can go off into the bush for a romantic oil lamp dinner, or join other guests for a candlelit beachfront dinner. To close on the food, the snacks at manda Bay are a feature, and your cookies and coffee in the morning will just give you a taste of things to come.

Manda Bay might be remote but there are plenty of things to do here. Firstly Manda Bay is often the second week of a safari honeymoon, so it is absolutely perfect for doing little or nothing but enjoying the scenery and devouring the food. You can on the other hand plan your days with the willing help of the owners, and go fishing, bird watching, sailing in an Arab Dhow, and in the evening go star gazing.

To summarise Manda Bay is the perfect romantic escape. If you like quality chic in a deserted location far from the madding crowd, then Manda Bay would be perfect.